onsdag den 1. december 2010

Fake Emails from noobs trying to steeal your account

This is a Ex on a Fake e mail, be aware of them and never go to the site they tell you too, blizzard will never tell you to do anything.

This is an automated notification regarding your Battle.net account. Some or all of your contact information was recently modified through the Account Management website.
*** If you made recent account changes, please disregard this automatic notification.

*** If you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you log in to <fake account management link goes here> review your account settings.
If you cannot sign into Account Management using the link above, or if unauthorized changes continue to happen, please contact Blizzard Billing & Account Services for further assistance.
Billing & Account Services can be reached at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499 Mon-Fri, 8AM-8PM Pacific Time) or at <fake email adress goes here>
Account security is solely the responsibility of the accountholder. Please be advised that in the event of a compromised account, Blizzard representatives will typically lock the account. In these cases the Account Administration team will require faxed receipt of ID materials before releasing the account for play.
The Battle.net Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com/support <- actually the real blizzard page *gasp
Online Privacy Policy"

Never log into WoW other than on your WoW game or from the battelnet.net page ,you can always check down in the left corner of you browser, it will tell you where the link it going to connect, even if the text link says different the browser will always show the link path, so keep that in mind.

I get like 5 of these a day, i just delete them all, dont even open them, text can be very creative, just dont read it and delete it.

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