onsdag den 1. december 2010

Please all, Do comment on my posts and/or make sugestions on what you want to know more about, im stilll currently making a series of gold tip, im still working on them.

Please all comment, or ask about stuff, so i can better the blog content to you guys,....and stay tuned for Dec 7.
all hell break loose.

Fake Emails from noobs trying to steeal your account

This is a Ex on a Fake e mail, be aware of them and never go to the site they tell you too, blizzard will never tell you to do anything.

This is an automated notification regarding your Battle.net account. Some or all of your contact information was recently modified through the Account Management website.
*** If you made recent account changes, please disregard this automatic notification.

*** If you did NOT make any changes to your account, we recommend you log in to <fake account management link goes here> review your account settings.
If you cannot sign into Account Management using the link above, or if unauthorized changes continue to happen, please contact Blizzard Billing & Account Services for further assistance.
Billing & Account Services can be reached at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499 Mon-Fri, 8AM-8PM Pacific Time) or at <fake email adress goes here>
Account security is solely the responsibility of the accountholder. Please be advised that in the event of a compromised account, Blizzard representatives will typically lock the account. In these cases the Account Administration team will require faxed receipt of ID materials before releasing the account for play.
The Battle.net Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment
www.blizzard.com/support <- actually the real blizzard page *gasp
Online Privacy Policy"

Never log into WoW other than on your WoW game or from the battelnet.net page ,you can always check down in the left corner of you browser, it will tell you where the link it going to connect, even if the text link says different the browser will always show the link path, so keep that in mind.

I get like 5 of these a day, i just delete them all, dont even open them, text can be very creative, just dont read it and delete it.

Here's a list of all 1-60 dungeons and the level range at which each should be explored as you level your new alt up.

Here's a list of all 1-60 dungeons and the level range at which each should be explored, followed by the NEW minimum level required for entry.

This i very usefull for the new Goblin alts, to level tough the LFD system, or whit a friend level 70-80.

The number inside (xx) in the end of each line is the minimum level required to enter. In order by minimum level to enter.

  • The Deadmines - Level Range: 15-21 (10)
  • Ragefire Chasm - Level Range: 15-21 (10)
  • Wailing Caverns - Level Range: 15-25 (10)
  • Shadowfang Keep - Level Range: 16-26 (11)
  • Stormwind Stockade - Level Range: 20-30 (15)
  • Blackfathom Deeps - Level Range: 20-30 (15)
  • Gnomeregan - Level Range: 24-34 (19)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Graveyard - Level Range: 26-36 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Library - Level Range: 29-39 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Armory - Level Range: 32-42 (21)
  • The Scarlet Monastery - Cathedral - Level Range: 35-45 (21)
  • Razorfen Kraul - Level Range: 30-40 (25)
  • Maraudon - Purple Crystals - Level Range: 30-40 (25)
  • Maraudon - Orange Crystals - Level Range: 32-42 (25)
  • Maraudon - Pristine Waters - Level Range: 34-44 (25)
  • Uldaman - Level Range: 35-45 (30)
  • Dire Maul - East - Level Range: 36-46 (31)
  • Scholomance - Level Range: 38-48 (33)
  • Dire Maul - West - Level Range: 39-49 (34)
  • Razorfen Downs - Level Range: 40-50 (35)
  • Dire Maul - North - Level Range: 42-52 (37)
  • Stratholme - Main Gate - Level Range: 42-52 (37)
  • Zul'farrak - Level Range: 44-54 (39)
  • Stratholme - Service Entrance - Level Range: 46-56 (41)
  • Blackrock Depths - Prison - Level Range: 47-57 (42)
  • The Sunken Temple - Level Range: 50-60 (45)
  • Blackrock Depths - Upper City - Level Range: 51-61 (46)
  • Lower Blackrock Spire - Level Range: 55-65 (48)
  • Upper Blackrock Spire - Level Range: 55-65 (48)

mandag den 22. november 2010

R.I.P: Cataclysm Beta Testing is Over...........

R.I.P: Cataclysm Beta testing Ended a few hours ago.

Just received word on the Beta forums that testing is over. The server went down about a few hours ago. I'm sad to say that I will no longer be able to bring you new information from the Beta realm.  Blizzard is famous for giving no notice on testing schedules, i think many ppl me inc, are sad over it went down whit out a warning, but that´s Blizzard, now we have 2 week before all hell breaks lose and Deathwing enters the Realms...****.

See you in Cataclysm Dec 7.

Gogo Goblins remember shift gear "more hours preparing for cata", plus remember to prepare your toons/alts for Dec.7

Addons that are good to have, and make things more smooth, faster and easy.

So you are started at making gold Great., or just need some new addons, here's a good list of addons some of them that i use to speed up things and make it more easy/fast to do.

AddonControlPanel -                "load/unload addons in game so you don't have to log out"
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow -   "crafting items"
Altoholic -                                 "item data"
Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends -     "keep your enemies close"
ATSW -                                    "crafting"
Ara_Broker_Money -                "how much gold have I made"
Auctionator -                             "buy stuff in bulk"
Auctioneer-                               "AH add on to check prices and sell stuff"
Bagnon -                                   "one large bag"
BulkMail2 -                               "send mail with rules"
ChocolateBar -                          "holds data broker addons"
GnomeWorks-                           "crafting"
GlyphIndustry -                          "craft queue"
MailOpener -                             "mail checker"
MySales -                                  "sales tracking with a bit more info"
ItemAuditor -                             "item investment tracking/queue crafting based on rules"
KTQ (Zero's modification) -       "fall back to ItemAuditor queue, used to queue up crafting"
Lil Sparky's Workshop -            "calculates from prices how much you can make on certain items"
ZeroAuctions-                            "quick and easy mass posting/cancelling"

You can get all these at Curse.com:

>Get them All here

And if some are missing from Curse, just  Google them.
Here's one not from Curse : KTQ for ATSW (thanks Zero!): http://zero.isimba.org/uploads/KevTool_Queue.rar
Remember to always have your addons updated, esp after new patches
And try them all out, some you will like, some you will hate, some you will Use
I have listed more to do the same job, so you can decide for your self's what you like best.

Don't use to many addons if your computer is old and slow , that will slow your Fps and lag WoW.

Time to make Gold on new Leveling Goblin and Worgens Toons,Twink and BoA Enchanting

So you want to make gold on Enchanting scrolls...!, there are 2 ways.

1 get the resipies your self by buying them or farming, you can use WoWhead to see where they drop.

2 Ask around in your guild or in trade chat, if you going whit trade chat get mats for multible scrolls to be made in one go, for more cheap prices.

Heres a great list i copyed from Cold´s gold blog:

Enchanter: Twinking Specialist

Level 19

At level 19 twinks are mostly restricted to using pre-BC enchants. Most all Burning Crusade enchants have a minimum level requirement of 35. Wrath of the Lich King enchants have a minimum level requirement of 60. This is a list of the most sought after enchants by all classes.

These are the current favorites for Level 19 Twinks and are also going to be the prime enchants for BoA items since the non-level requirement enchants are the only options for the BoA items.  Some of these will be removed/changed due to the removal of Mp5 (from everything) and Spellpower (from non-weapons).  While they may be removed, they may also be upgraded as well.  For example, the Mp5 may change to +Spirit, etc.  Right now it is all just speculation as to what will happen to the enchants that will be effected by the stat changes of Cataclysm. 

Level 29

At level 29 you have the option of getting quests that can be started at level 29 or below, but twinks will complete quests that reward items with an item level of 35 or higher.  What this does is open up all of the lower end BC enchants to be placed on these items.  This gives a rather large benefit to getting these items, which may not be BiS stat wise alone, but once they are enchanted with the new level of enchants, they become vastly superior.

Ex:  Gallan Cuffs - Horde quest reward from "To Steal From Thieves"  Lvl 27 quest that rewards iLvl36 item.  Thus allowing the twink to put +12 Sta, +12 Int, +15 Sp, instead of the basic enchants.  Even though it is a cloth item, many hunters get it just for the +12 Sta or +24 Attack Power enchantability.  As a lvl 29 Twink Warrior named BashRipRock, I loved having my iLvl41 Shield, Vile Protector, with the +18 sta enchant.  Big difference over the BoE shields, but these kind of quest rewards are much easier to get now that you can pay to turn off all experience gains. 

Cataclysm changes are revamping a lot of the item levels, quest rewards, stats, and enchants for these kind of rewards.  So at this point I wouldn't go crazy finding any rare minimum iLvl 35 enchants until we know whether any of these will stil be left to take advantage of.  I would try to get as many of the harder to earn/find Vanilla enchants to be able to sell to all of the potential buyers once twinks return and new BoA items are implemented.

So today Goblins we are 2 Weeks out from launch date, start preparing for Dec 7, to get Rich in Gold

So today Goblins we are 2 Weeks out from launch date.

Whit Wotlk gone in 2 weeks i don't see any point to guide you on How/Where to farm and what stuff to sell to make gold, as the economy is staled while we all wait for cataclysem, but i have some overall strategy that ill be using in cata, and those ill post as soon as i get some time.

To get ready to make Gold from launch, you will need to max out all your professions. i predict that Jewel crafting will still be the biggest gold giving profession in Cata, and you will need 475 level  to get access to the New cata dailys " Jc mark giving quest ", and you will need 4 of those marks to buy 1 Jc Gem cut.

If you have Mining, obviously you want to level that ASAP and prospect for gems, you will need a lot of gems, if you don't have a miner then Auction House is your best bet or trade chat.

And a good tip is not to farm anything in the first 2 levels of cata, 80>81 - 82  best advice is to level tough those as fast as you possible can, to start farming in the higher levels 82>83 - 85 where there will be much lesser levelers and gold Goblins around ^^ and those items in AH is prob going to be very expensive at first 2 -3 weeks so start farming and get rich, ill going to farm herbs, leather and ores, while i rip, kill and cut my way tough the new world.

2nd good Gold tip is to level an alt if you haven't got one, to 75, as that is going to be the new Cap for maxing out professions to 525, i have 3 alts myself to carry out different tasks, and gathering/crafting, on all those i have a guild bank whit 4 tabs plus they have all 16 slots bags

Then theres the Goblin advice for those that already have some gold to invest, invest in All the leveling enchants or glyphs for the big wave of  new Goblin or Worgens, they need bags and enchants for their Heirlooms items, you can invest in BC items too , to sell when all the new toons hit level 58-60.

List of items you can invest in:

- Netherweave cloth & bolts
- any cheap vanilla ores and bars
- Saronite, cobalt (both ores and bars)
- Adamantite ore
- Fel hide & fel scales
- Vanilla enchant mats (all, ignoring the silly shards etc which people simply cant sell)
- Outlands enchant mats (all)
- Wotlk enchant mats (mainly dust, few essences and quite a lot of abyss crystals)
- All herbs

And if you got an alt do fit it whit 2 gathers professions to max out earnings from when your farming items for your main professions or just to sell them, you will earn more that way, an example could be Herbalist or Miner and skinner it a good combo for gold making, you will kill a lot of mobs while farming so why not loot the leather from them, to sell or use to craft items, that's maxing out your time and making a lot of gold.

you can use items to enhance your professions like:

Scroll of Enchant Gloves: Gatherer
Herbalist's Gloves

Skinning Knifes 
Finkle's Skinner
Zulian Slicer

There are other for most the other professions too, look for them at www.Wowhead.com