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So today Goblins we are 2 Weeks out from launch date, start preparing for Dec 7, to get Rich in Gold

So today Goblins we are 2 Weeks out from launch date.

Whit Wotlk gone in 2 weeks i don't see any point to guide you on How/Where to farm and what stuff to sell to make gold, as the economy is staled while we all wait for cataclysem, but i have some overall strategy that ill be using in cata, and those ill post as soon as i get some time.

To get ready to make Gold from launch, you will need to max out all your professions. i predict that Jewel crafting will still be the biggest gold giving profession in Cata, and you will need 475 level  to get access to the New cata dailys " Jc mark giving quest ", and you will need 4 of those marks to buy 1 Jc Gem cut.

If you have Mining, obviously you want to level that ASAP and prospect for gems, you will need a lot of gems, if you don't have a miner then Auction House is your best bet or trade chat.

And a good tip is not to farm anything in the first 2 levels of cata, 80>81 - 82  best advice is to level tough those as fast as you possible can, to start farming in the higher levels 82>83 - 85 where there will be much lesser levelers and gold Goblins around ^^ and those items in AH is prob going to be very expensive at first 2 -3 weeks so start farming and get rich, ill going to farm herbs, leather and ores, while i rip, kill and cut my way tough the new world.

2nd good Gold tip is to level an alt if you haven't got one, to 75, as that is going to be the new Cap for maxing out professions to 525, i have 3 alts myself to carry out different tasks, and gathering/crafting, on all those i have a guild bank whit 4 tabs plus they have all 16 slots bags

Then theres the Goblin advice for those that already have some gold to invest, invest in All the leveling enchants or glyphs for the big wave of  new Goblin or Worgens, they need bags and enchants for their Heirlooms items, you can invest in BC items too , to sell when all the new toons hit level 58-60.

List of items you can invest in:

- Netherweave cloth & bolts
- any cheap vanilla ores and bars
- Saronite, cobalt (both ores and bars)
- Adamantite ore
- Fel hide & fel scales
- Vanilla enchant mats (all, ignoring the silly shards etc which people simply cant sell)
- Outlands enchant mats (all)
- Wotlk enchant mats (mainly dust, few essences and quite a lot of abyss crystals)
- All herbs

And if you got an alt do fit it whit 2 gathers professions to max out earnings from when your farming items for your main professions or just to sell them, you will earn more that way, an example could be Herbalist or Miner and skinner it a good combo for gold making, you will kill a lot of mobs while farming so why not loot the leather from them, to sell or use to craft items, that's maxing out your time and making a lot of gold.

you can use items to enhance your professions like:

Scroll of Enchant Gloves: Gatherer
Herbalist's Gloves

Skinning Knifes 
Finkle's Skinner
Zulian Slicer

There are other for most the other professions too, look for them at

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