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Time to make Gold on new Leveling Goblin and Worgens Toons,Twink and BoA Enchanting

So you want to make gold on Enchanting scrolls...!, there are 2 ways.

1 get the resipies your self by buying them or farming, you can use WoWhead to see where they drop.

2 Ask around in your guild or in trade chat, if you going whit trade chat get mats for multible scrolls to be made in one go, for more cheap prices.

Heres a great list i copyed from Cold´s gold blog:

Enchanter: Twinking Specialist

Level 19

At level 19 twinks are mostly restricted to using pre-BC enchants. Most all Burning Crusade enchants have a minimum level requirement of 35. Wrath of the Lich King enchants have a minimum level requirement of 60. This is a list of the most sought after enchants by all classes.

These are the current favorites for Level 19 Twinks and are also going to be the prime enchants for BoA items since the non-level requirement enchants are the only options for the BoA items.  Some of these will be removed/changed due to the removal of Mp5 (from everything) and Spellpower (from non-weapons).  While they may be removed, they may also be upgraded as well.  For example, the Mp5 may change to +Spirit, etc.  Right now it is all just speculation as to what will happen to the enchants that will be effected by the stat changes of Cataclysm. 

Level 29

At level 29 you have the option of getting quests that can be started at level 29 or below, but twinks will complete quests that reward items with an item level of 35 or higher.  What this does is open up all of the lower end BC enchants to be placed on these items.  This gives a rather large benefit to getting these items, which may not be BiS stat wise alone, but once they are enchanted with the new level of enchants, they become vastly superior.

Ex:  Gallan Cuffs - Horde quest reward from "To Steal From Thieves"  Lvl 27 quest that rewards iLvl36 item.  Thus allowing the twink to put +12 Sta, +12 Int, +15 Sp, instead of the basic enchants.  Even though it is a cloth item, many hunters get it just for the +12 Sta or +24 Attack Power enchantability.  As a lvl 29 Twink Warrior named BashRipRock, I loved having my iLvl41 Shield, Vile Protector, with the +18 sta enchant.  Big difference over the BoE shields, but these kind of quest rewards are much easier to get now that you can pay to turn off all experience gains. 

Cataclysm changes are revamping a lot of the item levels, quest rewards, stats, and enchants for these kind of rewards.  So at this point I wouldn't go crazy finding any rare minimum iLvl 35 enchants until we know whether any of these will stil be left to take advantage of.  I would try to get as many of the harder to earn/find Vanilla enchants to be able to sell to all of the potential buyers once twinks return and new BoA items are implemented.

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