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Addons that are good to have, and make things more smooth, faster and easy.

So you are started at making gold Great., or just need some new addons, here's a good list of addons some of them that i use to speed up things and make it more easy/fast to do.

AddonControlPanel -                "load/unload addons in game so you don't have to log out"
AdvancedTradeSkillWindow -   "crafting items"
Altoholic -                                 "item data"
Ara_Broker_Guild_Friends -     "keep your enemies close"
ATSW -                                    "crafting"
Ara_Broker_Money -                "how much gold have I made"
Auctionator -                             "buy stuff in bulk"
Auctioneer-                               "AH add on to check prices and sell stuff"
Bagnon -                                   "one large bag"
BulkMail2 -                               "send mail with rules"
ChocolateBar -                          "holds data broker addons"
GnomeWorks-                           "crafting"
GlyphIndustry -                          "craft queue"
MailOpener -                             "mail checker"
MySales -                                  "sales tracking with a bit more info"
ItemAuditor -                             "item investment tracking/queue crafting based on rules"
KTQ (Zero's modification) -       "fall back to ItemAuditor queue, used to queue up crafting"
Lil Sparky's Workshop -            "calculates from prices how much you can make on certain items"
ZeroAuctions-                            "quick and easy mass posting/cancelling"

You can get all these at

>Get them All here

And if some are missing from Curse, just  Google them.
Here's one not from Curse : KTQ for ATSW (thanks Zero!):
Remember to always have your addons updated, esp after new patches
And try them all out, some you will like, some you will hate, some you will Use
I have listed more to do the same job, so you can decide for your self's what you like best.

Don't use to many addons if your computer is old and slow , that will slow your Fps and lag WoW.

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