mandag den 22. november 2010

R.I.P: Cataclysm Beta Testing is Over...........

R.I.P: Cataclysm Beta testing Ended a few hours ago.

Just received word on the Beta forums that testing is over. The server went down about a few hours ago. I'm sad to say that I will no longer be able to bring you new information from the Beta realm.  Blizzard is famous for giving no notice on testing schedules, i think many ppl me inc, are sad over it went down whit out a warning, but that´s Blizzard, now we have 2 week before all hell breaks lose and Deathwing enters the Realms...****.

See you in Cataclysm Dec 7.

Gogo Goblins remember shift gear "more hours preparing for cata", plus remember to prepare your toons/alts for Dec.7

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