mandag den 22. november 2010

Welcome to my blog: This is my very very first post. !

Hi everyone....
To make things more easy for myself and others, i have made this Blog to compliment my WoW characters  journey into the new World of Warcraft expansion: Cataclysm.

Blog will be used for other stuff like:

Gold tips (wow), Text and Videos or Pictures.
Videos from my you tube channel.
And what other random stuff i decide to post onto here.

So Welcome and bookmark this, ill be working on this Blog every day, to hopefully post content 3 times a week. 

P.s Layout is not done yet, this Blog layout is just the one i got from start, ill be making my own over the next few days, or week :), plus the content i have posted now i did in a hurry so that there could be some info on the blog, ill reviset them to optimise and correct most of the gramma erros .

God speed Goblins, may you find that Gold under the Rainbow.

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